It’s been awhile since my last post. Well, considering that it’s already past midnight, it’s been exactly two years since my last post. A lot, or rather, an awful lot happened since then, and definitely loads of pages have remained unwritten.

It’s not like that is going to change… you just have to check this poor blog’s history, dating back to 2005 (yay, it’s its 10th anniversary!), to see that it is only natural of me to keep “unwriting” stuff. It’s a déjà-vu situation (and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m watching the film that goes by that title right now).

Anyway, I’ve just realized that I’m a complete internet illiterate. Or rather, I became one! I’ve recently bought a new camera, a Sony DCH300, and I’ve been playing around with it (as if I had nothing to do). Had a couple of artistic photos and I though “Well Lilith, and what about finally starting an Instagram account to share your awesome photos. That’s an idea, let’s!”

All happy, after an entire day reading dull articles on language acquisition, I went for a try. Well, 1st barrier found: you have to download the app for Windows Phone, which is a beta app. Hmm… happiness decreasing…. still, didn’t give up. Created the account via Nocky (that’s what I call my Nokia Lumia 520) and came back to the computer: Let’s try now… ermm… add button… where are you?! Turns out you can only add photos via cell phone?! So instagram’s for selfies only?! Sucks!! What if I don’t take photos with my cell phone?! Seriously, people… gimme a break!!

So, just because I’m still in the mood for some photo sharing, here’s a beautiful rose I found in my aunt’s garden!


And an “History attack”, with this beautiful ship, Nau Santa Maria de Colombo, on its trip back to Funchal.



There’s no such thing as coincidences


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right? Ermm… I’m starting to think that there is! C’mon, years ago I would’ve never thought that one day I’d be starting a military career. However, psycho-technical tests did say that it’d be the perfect career for me! I laughed back in the days. I mean, that’s be completely against my Goth allure, right? But now…

Finding myself unemployed, I basically ran for any slight chance of employment that I could find. Anything’d be better than being at home all day, having no income whatsoever. And then… Why not try the Navy. They were looking for someone to teach English, I’m a teacher of English… It’d be a long shot given the fact that I was utterly out of physical shape (I may be naturally fit, but seriously, I could barely go for 1 push-up, let alone a 15 minute run…), but there’s nothing like trying. Even the uniform seemed nice at the eyes of this unemployed Goth teacher. A couple of months ago I got the so-wanted phone call: you’re in. “Is this a prank?”, I thought to myself. No, it wasn’t.

I’m basically starting, now. We went through a 7-week training to serve as the military women and men that we are, now, and we parted ways at the end of those 7 weeks. It’s been difficult to conjugate my Goth self with my military self, not because the military aspect, but rather because of the complete lack of “alternativeness” (is this a word?) where culture is concerned. Everybody watches soap operas, mainstream films and listens to whatever goes on the radio. Only best-sellers are read, if reading is an option, and museums are utterly out-of-question. But as long as we don’t “talk culture”, everything’s just fine! I’ve heard that I’m not the only Goth in the Navy, though. I still haven’t found them, but I will, I promise!

[Edit: Oh, and by the way… Happy New Year! (I just noticed that this is the first post this year)]




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It’s good to be away for awhile. Not that I’m pretending to be someone ultra-important, some UIP (not VIP), but mostly because every time I come back I notice some huge typo somewhere. I’ll be correcting it after posting that that I was supposed to post, which is…

That’s the first time in my entire life that I basically have nothing to do. No studying, no job (not proud of that)… To keep me from continuing the previous sentence with “no life”, I started hand crafting stuff and the result may be seen on the following blog: . It’s in Portuguese, but I’m going to translate everything and keep both languages as I update it.
Have a look 😉


Ok, so my complete inability to keep a blog is getting more and more obvious. It’s been awhile since my last post and I’ve just noticed the complete non-sense of one of the sentences. “I read tomorrow”… seriously? How come I wrote that? I must’ve been really tired to mistake yesterday for tomorrow!

Some reasons for not posting lately:

1) Tiredness: I was damn tired at the end of the school year (which was pretty much obvious taking into account that I wrote such a ridiculous sentence);

2) Evaluations: I had about 15 reunions to go to at the end of the school year concerning that issue;

3) Beach (yes, beach): one of my schools has a beach-week programme at the end of the school year and they needed teachers to go with the students. As usual, I volunteered to go…;

4) Volunteering: as usual, after the school year, I find myself some volunteer work to do. This time it was EuroGym. Lovely, but I ended up in a hospital bed with a gastroenteritis at the end of official day 1 (I say official because technically it was day 4 of volunteering already);

5) Teacher’s contest: it was terrible. I had everything ready by the end of day 1 but an error with my end of the application didn’t allow me to submit the data. It wasn’t until day 4, 3 phone calls and 1 extremely long e-mail that the problem was solved. Day 4 was yesterday;

6) Summer school: hopefully this won’t prevent me from posting, especially because I’ll be abroad (in Belgium, to be more precise). I packed everything today because by this time tomorrow I’ll be in Barcelona waiting for the plane to Brussels.

Boring life, ain’t it?!


Updating updates


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I’m done with Shakira, or at least I think so. In the end it turned out funny for the kids. Some of my students were suddenly stricken by the “stage fright” plague, but they quickly recovered only to show how well trained they were. I heard a few comments by some of the parents standing close to me that went something like “and they’re learning. see”. All instructions coming out of my mouth were given in English, and all moments required an instruction like “left… right… up… down… sideways… clap your hands… spin around… jump… one, two three four…” But seriously, we could’ve had the same impact with a less rubbish song!

Now I’m rehearing Michael Jackson’s “thriller”. It’s gonna be great fun, I’m sure of it, It’s going to be done in the other school and by teachers. I’m sure it’s going to have a much greater impact because, you know, it’s Michael Jackson! Aaand it was my idea, so I’ll be the one teaching other teachers how to dance it tomorrow. By now, my feet ache like hell! I can’t even stand up! Hopefully, by Saturday I’ll be done dancing! Do I have to remind you that I totally hate, loathe dancing?!

On other issues, I read a funny “article” tomorrow on how goth’s all about death, killing and committing suicide. In that case it’s not dangerous at all since it doesn’t exist anymore, right? I mean, all goths have either been killed by their fellow goths or committed suicide!

Ok, enough writing for now, I have to, ermmm…, find something for dinner and it seems to me that Jari’s destroying the kitchen… I swear I’m gonna hide Rudolph: my cat’s always excited about hunting it! Yesterday night I was half asleep and suddenly I heard a scary noise like a chair being pulled or something… It was Jari playing with Rudolph, making it sing for the Nth time “Santa Claus is coming to town”. It’s played so often before that all it produces is a scratchy noise! By the way, here’s a picture of him, 1 year after finding me and moving in:


I’m back

Came back to wordpress. After some time slowly growing on blogspot, I decided it wasn’t the server for me. Besides, I recently started a blog here ( about being a teacher AND a goth. Hopefully this blog will grow faster now.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll update you on life and how’s everything going. After dancing Shakira with my kids, I believe I’ll be in the perfect grumpy mood for writing. Yes, I’ll have to dance Shakira with my students because that was the group’s choice. I was the only one against it (I wanted Michael Jackson [seriously?!]), so I had to suck it up. It ends tomorrow!

As you might have noticed (yeah, right), I decided to go back into the good ol’ non-dynamic looks. I couldn’t make it work, anyway. Here we are, back with the red line-draying roses mosaic on the background. Let’s face it, it’s much more like me!

On other news, I recently tried modelling for a photoshoot. It was nice, to be honest. Kinda awkward for someone who’s such an introvert, but hey… it’s time to open up, right? Photos are available on my facebook profile, but considering that I’m keeping this thing away from facebook and vice-versa, I suppose it’s quite obvious that I won’t tell you that the link to the photos is this or that! Anyway, it can’t have been bad, otherwise I wouldn’t have been invited to a walk on the catwalk, right?

Now off to bed, and hopefully I won’t wake up tomorrow at 8h thinking that I’m late to work. That would’ve only be true IF tomorrow was Monday, which is not the case!